Paddling in Maryland: Kayaking in and Around the Chesapeake Bay

Paddling is a great way to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay. Three years ago I took a Basic I & II kayaking class in the beginning of the 2004 paddling season. Between the two classes, I went on a day trip and have loved kayaking ever since. There are many things to see and experience on the Chesapeake that can be difficult to see any other way.

From tranquil inlets to American Bald Eagles, the nature and wildlife can easily be reached on a kayak. After some classes and practice, many paddlers can participate in this wonderful activity. These web pages describe many of my great trips on the Chesapeake Bay and other nearby areas.

Kayaking is a great sport, but paddling without proper experience and training can be dangerous. Beyond the obvious hazards associated with water sports, a paddler has to consider weather, getting lost, fatigue, injury, hypothermia, over heating, and many other hazards. No web page can replace the value of classes (or a refresher class) given by a certified instructor.

From these web pages I hope that you become inspired about paddling and learn to enjoy kayaking in Maryland. I have included some background information on the equipment and a summary of my recent paddling trips. For experienced paddlers, I have included directions to launch sites and GPS coordinates. This information is included to help with planning a kayak trip, but current conditions and accessibility may be significantly different. The Chesapeake Bay changes constantly and tides and weather can drastically affect the character of any paddling trip.