Summary 2006

Annapolis from Truxtun Park Fall 2006

The 2006 paddling season was filed with many great paddling trips, and this is the second season that Katie I have had our own kayaks. This has allowed us to start the season early and finish the season late. Much of the best kayaking is available in these time frames. My first trip of 2006 was in the Rocky Gorge Reservoir on March 10, and the last trip of 2006 was in Annapolis on November 5 leaving from Truxtun Park.

Rocky Gorge
	  Reservoir in Spring 2006

Paddling during the edges of the season, there is almost no boat traffic to contend with and the insects are not out to irritate. The changing colors of the leaves make for great views of the shoreline in the fall. In the fall, the water is usually still pretty warm and on warm days, the air is not too cold. This makes for good kayak weather after the heat and high humidity of the summer. It is still a good idea to avoid wearing cotton since if you get wet it is not effective. On days when it may be a bit cooler a wetsuit is a good idea. Next year, I hope to see the trees along the Tuckahoe River in the fall. This peaceful river is one of my favorite places for paddling and there are long stretches of shoreline to enjoy.

Tuckahoe River
	  Spring 2006

The Triadelphia Reservoir was not open for paddling in 2006, and I hope that in 2007 the repair work on the dam will be finished and the reservoir will open on schedule. The Rocky Gorge Reservoir was open all of 2006 following the posted schedule of March 1 through December 15.

Katie and I had a great 2006 paddling season, and we hope that your paddling trips have been great too. The 2007 season is just around the corner, and we hope that you stay warm and safe in all your kayak adventures.