Paddling Trips

Kayak on Car

Carrying kayaks on a car is an easy way to reach the many great places to paddle on the Chesapeake Bay. The trouble is remembering that the kayaks are on the roof when coming home. To make sure I do not drive the kayaks into the garage, I press the "lock" button on the indoor garage door opener. This way, when I get home, I get an additional reminder that the kayaks are on the roof.

We have arrived at the put in site and are getting ready to go. We have checked to make sure that we have everything that we will need. There is no reason not to take a few extra things, so long as they are properly stowed in the kayak. I usually paddle a 17-foot kayak, so I have plenty of space for dry bags, extra water, extra copies of maps, and everything else on my checklist.

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